What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is often referred to as the ‘talking cure’. Talking about one’s experiences or problems has been found to be an important aspect of processing complicated, confusing, or difficult content. By talking our brain is able to organise and categorise ‘stuff’  more appropriately, which in turn improves our mental functions. I like to think of it as a messy office. When we have a project to do and our office is a mess it becomes hard to find things and often we feel uncomfortable because there may be something important that we might have forgotten. If we organise our office – put things into categories, group related content together – we find ourselves feeling more confident because we know where things are and how to access them when needed. Moreover, more desk space usually becomes available after we have tidied up. Our brain is a lot like this. When our mind becomes too cluttered and full of disorganised stuff we find that there’s just too little room to think. Psychotherapy helps us to organise this ‘stuff’ .

Tools on a desk